finance corporate governance ethics


Subject: Finance (Corporate Governance
& Ethics)


Each paper is to be approximately 5-8 pages in length for the major topic.  It must be submitted via the appropriate TurnItIn Drop Box through WTClass and typed in a format acceptable to TurnItIn which generally means the use of Microsoft WORD.  The box does NOT accept EXCEL files and neither do I.  The indicated paper assignments are the primary topics although you are encouraged to explore related issues based on your reading of articles and/or materials referenced in those readings. I do not have any style preference so long as it is readable although I prefer double spacing since I get to read these literary gems on a computer screen!   I would suggest numbering your citations and placing the respective sources in a bibliography at the end of the paper.     

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Investment Banks and Security
  • Creditors and Rating Agencies  
  • Activist Shareholders

 This paper should provide your thoughts on any one of the above “influences” on corporate governance.  Accountants and Auditors, Creditors, Rating Agencies, Investment Banks, Security Analysts and Activist Shareholders all play a role in ensuring good corporate governance.  What ethical issues are raised for these parties and how might they be addressed?  How does a particular "influencer" monitor and impact governance?


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