Read this policy carefully and refund yourself. You will agree to the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the revision and refund policy before submitting a short form. I recommend that you look at the FAQs as well.

Further on a final note customer satisfaction is AssignoTech’s Top Priority. Our complete team is working 24*7 to make students happy and get then better grade.


  • A minimum of one round of modifications is permitted for each purchase.
  • Your order will rely on your special needs for the number of revisions.
  • The amount of modifications that you have the right to be described in your quota.
  • More revisions can be received at a surcharge.
  • A revision is not a rewriting in its entirety. Tweaks and small modifications are revisions. For example, a few phrases may be rewritten.
  • If our team make a mistake (for example, a condition that you did not comply with), the review is done without one of your existing updates. For example, you can still utilise your order if you are entitled to 1 revision.
  • Revision should be subject to the conditions for which payments have been made. It is not permissible to request further work outside the scope, except if you pay for it.
  • Revisions are required within 5 days following the initial delivery/draft. If we fail to do so, we will discontinue our order and the job will be taken for granted. At this moment, refunds cannot also be obtained.
  • Reviews will be carried out in the best possible way - if necessary, offer clear revision instructions.

Refund Policy

  • By offering a quality solution and several free reworks, we assure 100% satisfaction for our customers. A reimbursement can be requested within 30 days after your sharing of the solution. We shall not make any claims beyond this period. There is no policy on cash-back (except for, if you were charged twice by mistake). If your reimbursement claim is true, we will add the cash to your account with all assignment experts.
  • You can use the money to pay the following order. The least we can do is to supply you with an equal task without upsetting you. The order termination is otherwise not accepted as we take care not to suffer from the writer who assigns this particular task. You will not be entitled for a refund if you decide to cancel your order once the expert is assigned. We pay the writer in advancing the order, so that in these instances we can hardly pay the sum back.
  • In the period of two working days, the refund amount is added to the refund amount. If the contract reaches an uncommon degree, then no money will be returned. If that is an unusual condition. Work having a time frame of 31 days, that is, a month, will be considered. We are not expecting authors to reimburse the loss, as authors are paid in advance. But, by shunning their services for future projects, we needed action against the authors.
  • No other cash refund policies are entertained until or unless they fall under the second major clause aforementioned. We keep on doing the renovation until you are content and happy with the work. Our writers endeavor to meet the work requirements and guidelines provided to them. We have no refund policy here as well. We will not accept money from you if the assignment reaches a fail grade. We don't accept money if the task goes to waste and you can't find a writer for the assignment.


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