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Advanced Diploma in Business is a thorough study of management and business. The students get a stage to exhibit their entrepreneurial and managerial abilities by acquiring a greater understanding of the topic. Through the course, applicants are exposed to corporate ethics, its effect on the community, and utilizing their talents to develop and assist their community.

The curriculum envisages giving applicants the chance to build a solid foundation in operating a company in addition to gaining essential information for entrepreneurship. All through Advanced Diploma in Business Management curriculum, individuals are moulded in various aspects to brought out the best throughout them, understand the techniques of starting their own business, making progress, and the capacity to expand creative and suitable companies through which they can produce a positive effect on their communities, gets to live and for the public.

What Is The Eligibility Of The Advanced Diploma In Business Management?

The following are the minimum qualifying requirements for admission to the Advanced Diploma in Business Management:

  • Candidates must have passed their 12th standard with a three-year diploma in any relevant subject with aggregate marks of 50% marks.
  • Admission is also open to those who have completed the Advanced Diploma Course in Business Management.
  • Specific colleges may run their own admissions exam.
  • Candidates with a minimum of three years of work experience are also advantageous.

Where Can This Course Lead You?

  • If you are self-employed and seeking skills in business planning and company development management, or if you are in a higher management position, this practical course contains critical business subjects. It may also serve as a bridge to a university degree.
  • You can earn this Advanced Diploma of Business by applying your existing knowledge and experience in a variety of business contexts, as well as by broadening your commercial skills and deepening your expertise in business making plans, system development, marketing, human resources, finance, and risk management, among other critical business areas.
  • After completing this qualification, you will be able to earn honours for 50 per cent of a Business, Marketing, or Management degree without finishing Year 12. This will save you time and money. Alternatively, you may fast-track your route to a university to get a bachelor's degree or an MBA.
  • You may finish this course at your own speed and get a certificate. With flexibility built into every step, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance while developing your career.

Who Is The Intended Audience For This Course?

If you desire a job in the corporate sector without having to maintain people, if you appreciate managing processes over people, and if you love business systems and strategies, this Advanced Diploma is for you.

Additionally, this Advanced Diploma is beneficial for broadening your business abilities while integrating them with your sector knowledge. This enables you to be more well-rounded and attractive to prospective employers.

Going into a senior position may also be offered as a combined qualification with the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. Also, you will get assessment help from the experts.

You may finish this course at your own speed and get a certificate. With flexibility built into every step, you can maintain a healthy work-life balance while developing your career.







What Are The Career Options In The Advanced Diploma Of Business?

The Advanced Diploma is a widely regarded degree that is ideal for those currently working in public affairs and those interested in expanding their career and educational opportunities.

Graduates will have the knowledge and abilities required to pursue any career in Australia's public relations sector.

Business consultations have shown a need for public relations skills across a broad spectrum of industries, including not-for-profit organizations, social entrepreneurs, and consultancies. In fields like tourists and leisure, design, business, policymaking, reporting, information dissemination, the publication (especially for media), and governance, communication systems officers, event coordinators, officers of public relations, accounting managers, coordinators of social media, and administrators of development initiatives all play essential roles. Some suitable jobs are given below:

1. Marketing Director

The Marketing Manager's job is to look after a company's marketing requirements. As a Marketing Director, you will create and execute marketing strategies to grow the customer base and retain current clients.

2. Accountant

The Finance Manager's main job, from analyzing financial data to identifying a viable market for commercial operations, is to identify methods to improve the company's profitability.


3. Business Analyst

This career path is one of the most sought-after in the area of Business Management. Typical responsibilities include creating and revising the current company strategy in light of market developments.

4. Production Director

A Production Manager's primary duty is to discover, evaluate, and resolve money, production, and employment problems. Additionally, you will be responsible for developing manufacturing plans and pricing products.

The successful conclusion of the programme may qualify graduates for senior positions such as the following:

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Manager of Communications
  • Public Relations Specialist,

Senior among the possible job possibilities are the following:

  • Consultant in public relations
  • Adviser on digital media and the public relations
  • Public relations
  • Strategist for public relations,
  • Communications expert in public relations

Usually, graduates look for work upon conclusion of the certification or use it as a springboard to pursue further education, like Bachelors of Business or Bachelors of Communication systems (Public Relations)

What Are The Learning Outcomes Of This Course?

When the course work is practical, students must have the ability to:

  • Demonstrate good problem-solving and decision-making abilities via the use of suitable qualitative and quantitative skills, including recognising, formulating, and resolving dealing issues.
  • Accept & show accountability for individual education and ongoing growth of professional and personal.
  • Continue their education, enhance their current talents, and gain new abilities that will allow them to assume significant responsibilities inside companies.
  • Acquired a diverse set of professional and personal abilities applicable to a variety of circumstances and settings
  • Acquired the characteristics and transferrable abilities required for jobs that require decision-making and individual accountability. 

What Are The Entry Requirements?

The following are the prerequisites for this course:

Minimum Age: 19 years.

Students from the local area must hold at least one of the following:

  • LSBF Business Studies Diploma
  • Diploma from any polytechnic in the related area

Students from outside the United States must hold at least one of the following:

  • LSBF Business Studies Diploma
  • Correspondent National Polytechnic Diploma in a related area in individual native countries conducted in the English language and

Both the international and domestic students should meet one of the following English language entrance requirements:

  • She attained a C6 grade or more than that in the English language at the GCEO level. Obtain a passing in English during the 10 Year 10 high school qualifications or equivalent IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 550.
  • Finished the LSBF introductory English Language coursework at the level of the upper media.
  • Many students who do not meet the standard admission criteria (for example, another PEI qualification, in their home country, there is a lack of equivalent Year 12 and LSBF Diploma in another field, etc.) will be evaluated on an individual basis, subject to Academic Board permission.


Overview Of The Course

Procurement is essential to company operations; it determines which goods and services are used to create value for consumers, shareholders, and taxpayers. In today's complicated and ever-changing industry, procurement talents are highly sought after for their ability to provide bang for the buck, sustainable solution, and collaborative collaborations.

What Are The Benefits Of This Course?

Participants will get the Advanced Diploma of Business upon satisfactory completion of twelve (12) selected courses (Procurement). This training would give learners with abilities and information essential for operating successfully and confidently in a procurement position.

The primary advantages will be an awareness of the open sector environment, practical research, planning and executing procurement abilities, and a proper understanding of agreements and contract administration for participants.

  • Crucial Skills

In general, the Advanced Diploma of Business (Procurement) programme demonstrates to an employer that you have the ability to use the following skills in a professional setting: contract procurement, procurement, research, communication, also planning.

Each unit has more information-

  • Units

Twelve (12) units are required to complete the Advanced Diploma of Business (Procurement). Scope Training chose the following in collaboration with the industry. Alternate apartments may be chosen; please approach our friendly staff for further information.

  • BSBCRT511 Develop others' critical thinking abilities
  • BSBFIN501 Budgets and financial strategies to manage
  • BSBOPS501 Organize business assets
  • BSBSUS511 Create sustainable workplace policies and processes
  • BSBXCM501 Effective leadership communications in the workplace
  • BSBPMG430 Carry out project work
  • BSBPRC505 Manage a plan for ethical procurement
  • BSBPMG537 Procure materials for projects
  • BSBPRC501 Manage strategic sourcing initiatives
  • BSBPRC502 Maintain connections with suppliers
  • PSPPCM008 Manage the execution of contracts 12
  • PSPPCM009 Complete contracts

What Are The Further Opportunities?

  • Opportunities for employment

Employers accept the Diploma of Business (Procurement) as evidence that the bearer has the necessary skills and knowledge to operate in procurement and/or contracting settings. Additionally, a scope training certification demonstrates the learner's ability to apply these abilities in a professional environment, reassuring employers of job readiness.

Procurement manager and contract manager are two examples of job roles.

  • Educational Routes

After completing the Diploma of Business (Procurement), further educational paths include the Diploma of Business, the Diploma of Leadership and Management, and a variety of other degrees.

What Are The Syllabus And Course Description Of Advanced Diploma In Business?

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management offers kids a chance to grow theoretical information of the topic and its subtleties. They are taught concepts and methods that may assist people in becoming excellent entrepreneurs and managers. The program's curriculum is structured in such a way that applicants are exposed to a variety of variables pertaining to problems of a multidisciplinary nature.

The programme is structured in such a way that applicants get exposure to both academic and practical aspects of the topic. Apart from three terms of exams, students are required to do research, create projects, provide presentations, and attend seminars led by specialists in the area.

What Is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Many students might apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to have their present abilities and competencies recognized. These abilities and competencies may be relevant to the modules you are about to begin and therefore relieve you from studying them. However, gaining Recognition of Prior Learning comes at a cost. Students must collect proof demonstrating their competence as part of the process. A content expert will assist with this work. If an education provider provides RPL to an international student, this may have an effect on the student visa requirements by shortening the student's course. For more information on entrance requirements, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

Purpose Of Diploma in Business

The Advanced Diploma of Business is designed to create graduates capable of executing a variety of business and accounting activities while demonstrating an aptitude for future development in critical business areas. The course may be used as a prerequisite for most higher education institutions' Bachelor of Business and associated programmes. The following are the course objectives:

  • Systematically and meaningfully study the fundamentals of business, management, and marketing.
  • Acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of business law and accounting.
  • Strengthen your intellectual and study abilities.
  • Acquire a thorough grasp of contemporary business and management issues
  • Acquaint yourself with the level of education required to pursue a job in this area.

How Can A Diploma In Business Management Help You Achieve Your Goals?

  • An Advanced Diploma of Business is an excellent method to begin, advance, or transform any profession. A Diploma in Company is a perfect option for anybody who wants to further their career familiar with the fundamentals of starting, managing, and growing a business.
  • When a student investigates the breadth of business management inside the business world, from branding to finance, students get a comprehensive knowledge of the critical abilities necessary for a great business career. A management and business studies degree will enable you to contribute more efficiently and effectively to your company.
  • Advanced Diploma in Business is beneficial for career-minded students since it provides a solid basis for triumphant entrance into today’s challenging and high-powered business sector. This course will assist individuals who want to delve deeper into the dynamics and operational principles of the quick business industry in order to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of how to conduct and operate a company optimally and profitably via efficient resource management.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What does the term "Admissions Criterion" refer to?

Entry requirements are a collection of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be considered for a particular course.

To be admitted to a Torrens University Australia-approved undergraduate programme, candidates must fulfil essential admissions standards and specific course requirements.

All entrance criteria and specific requirements, of course, are uniforms across campuses and modes of study.

Q. What if I do not satisfy admission requirements for any Diploma programme?

Various Universities have established approved routes to assist you in gaining admission to our diploma programmes based on a variety of factors.

To learn more, please visit Studying Journeys or approach one of our experienced Courses and Career Advisors.

Q. Are you capable of completing an assignment in two hours?

Yes. We give assignments within two hours. You must pay an additional fee to use this service since it is a professional service with higher pricing. The two-hour service requirement covers only a few assignment types. You cannot reasonably expect us to produce a 10,000-word dissertation in two hours.

Q. Am I eligible for course credit based on prior experience?

Yes, with application and academic clearance, course credit is available.

You may be qualified for credits towards your diploma if you have previously obtained a qualification or have relevant work experience. Credit may be awarded as a transfer, a block credit, or via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Our Program Managers will thoroughly evaluate your previous education and experience to determine if you qualify for credit toward one of our degrees. Consult our curricular credit page for further information or call one among our Course and Professional Staff for help.

Q. What are Credit hours?

Courses credit is the credits that may be put toward the course based on previous understanding or credentials. If you want to learn more, you can look at our academic credit.

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