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Horticulture is indeed the science and field of knowledge involved in the development of plants such as natural goods, vegetables, flowers, and a variety of other varieties. Horticulture is also known as plant breeding. It also involves plant conservation, prospect reconstruction, soil management, scene and garden design, growth, and maintenance, as well as arboriculture (tree planting and maintenance). Agriculture, in contrast to other forms of production, does not allow for large-scale edit creation or creature cultivation. We offer high-quality horticulture assignment help and support to students pursuing their degrees in plant science and food systems, who are often required to study horticulture as a mandatory topic in their courses.

The course will provide you with a variety of difficulties and enjoyable activities to complete. The course would include a great deal of classroom study and homework, as well as laboratory work and some hands-on experience in a realistic horticulture setting. Students often seek Horticulture assignment assistance from our professionals in order to finish the course in a productive manner. They must complete the course in a short period of time in order to get entry into the industry they want and to work in the sector. If you are searching for assistance with a scientific assignment, you have come to the correct spot. Here at Assignotech Assignment Help, you will get high-quality assignment assistance.

Some Information about Horticulture Course

A bachelor's degree in horticulture is often the least amount of schooling required for a career in this area. This kind of curriculum often includes courses in soil fertility, plant biology, flower design, propagation, and crop production. Upon graduation, students may pursue careers as greenhouse and park supervisors, landscape architects, greens keepers, horticultural advisors, or florists.

Degrees in environmental horticulture, decorative horticulture, agricultural science and other related fields are also available to students at the university. Master's or doctorate degrees are often required for advanced jobs in fields such as research, marketing, and university-level teaching.

Course Description

Are you considering a career in the horticulture sector, or would you want to have a taste of the industry before committing to a formal apprenticeship? In this entry-level horticulture course, you will learn the fundamental skills and information required for the business, as well as learn about the many horticulture specialisations available. Learn how to identify plants, complete planting chores, apply proper pruning methods, gather plant specimens, and build retail skills that are applicable to a garden store setting during this hands-on workshop.

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Standard Certificate II in Horticulture Course:

1. Learners Who are Currently Working

For learners who are already working in the sector, the course will take 12 months to complete. The course is designed to be delivered online via e-learning, with practical tasks that must be approved by your instructor and assessor. The length may vary depending on the learner's prior experience and the level of employer assistance.

2. Course for Full-Time Learners:

The whole course may be given full-time, face-to-face at LT Training's facilities, as well as visits to horticultural businesses to ensure that all selection criteria are addressed. Three days a week are required. (A minimum of eight students is needed for full-time enrolment.) After completing the first rigorous face-to-face classroom instruction for 12 weeks, students will have up to twelve months to finish the remainder of the programme.

What are the Other Sectors in Which we Provide Horticulture Assignment Help?

Horticulture is considerably more than just the raising of flowers, vegetables, and plants; it encompasses a wide range of activities. Following are some of the main areas of horticulture that the horticulture assignment help professionals have scheduled:


Individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other forested plants are studied, selected, and removed by our horticulture assignment writing professionals, who define arboriculture as the area of the theme that deals with learning, choice, and withdrawal of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other forested plants. It also focuses on the upkeep and development of plants.


Floriculture is a discipline of horticulture that is concerned with the production and sale of blooming plants and flowers. The suppliers of horticulture homework assistance have a broad understanding of the many elements connected with the field, and as a result, they are able to consistently come up with creative solutions.

Landscaping and Grassland Management

As the title suggests, it is concerned with the fundamentals of turf grass production and management. Our horticulture assignment help practitioners note out that with an increase in demand in the sports industry, leisure use, and amenities, horticulture assignment help is becoming more popular. The neighbourhood has grown significantly in recent years.

Environment-Friendly Landscaping and Garden Designing Services

The course is designed for those who are interested in pursuing careers as garden designers or environmental landscaping experts. The horticulture assignment specialists that deal with us suggest that backyard owners start with a garden plan before anything else.

However, as time has passed and students' interest in the subject has grown, the topic has risen to become one of the most popular courses among students. A little instruction in horticulture as well as in the concepts of planning can prepare you to be an excellent garden designer, but it will take time.

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Overview of Certificate II in Horticulture


This qualification serves as the foundation for a variety of work activities and employment positions that may lead to the attainment of a horticulture trade certification. It consists of the practical and theoretical aspects of fifteen levels of competence, and it is divided into two parts. A skilled horticulture trade employee will be produced as a result of the units, who will be employed in a range of settings, including nurseries, landscaping companies, commercial horticulture farms, parks, irrigation entities, floriculture, and many other industries.

This nationally certified horticulture course is designed for home gardeners and single traders, including handymen, landscapers, and gardeners. It is taught by industry professionals and will teach you how to:

  • Learn how to identify plants, prepare plant specimens, and offer information about goods and services to customers.
  • The basics of planting, potting and caring for trees, shrubs, and plants are covered in this section.
  • The importance of soil testing and the treatment of weeds, pests, and diseases
  • Operate Health and Safety measures in the business, as well as how to work efficiently in the sector

After that, you'll select one of three tracks to further your expertise in a certain speciality area:

  • As part of the Nursery stream, you'll learn how to properly care for nursery plants, how to pot up plants, and how to engage in ecologically friendly workplace practices.
  • The Parks & Gardens course will teach students how to handle basic equipment, assist with grass creation, and maintain various assets and buildings in a park setting.
  • If you select the Landscape stream, you will know how to navigate basic equipment, install pavement, and participate in the building of a landscaping project.

Whichever path you select will provide you with a more in-depth knowledge of this rapidly expanding field as well as the opportunity to acquire in-demand, industry-specific skills. Upon completion of your study, you also will be given access to the Trade Hub website. This literacy and numeracy assistance tool provide an explanation of important topics that you will need to grasp if you want to work in the horticulture industry.

When you study online with Open Colleges, you have the flexibility to tailor your studies around your schedule. There are no deadlines, and there are no classes. You just study whenever you choose, at a speed that fits your schedule, and on whichever device is most convenient for you. If you are a current employee or have previous job experience in a similar sector, please tell our enrolment advisors during your enrolment discussion. You may be qualified to enrol as such an existing employee and therefore be able to finish your studies more quickly.

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Depth Detail of Certificate II in Horticulture

It is recommended that new participants take a Certificate II in Horticulture (AHC20416) before entering the horticulture profession. During the training, participants will gain fundamental information and abilities that will aid them in building competence at an introductory level. It has been decided that the course units will be divided into a wide variety of horticulture subjects. These include plant identification, plant pests and weed control methods, fundamental soil characteristics as well as propagation, planting, and pruning.

Students have the chance to work in a simulated work environment in our own horticultural learning facility, which they may use to get valuable job experience. Because our instructors have a diverse variety of professional skills and expertise, they are able to bring this to the classroom and ensure that students have a current and relevant grasp of current business practices. Graduates of this degree may seek work in a variety of areas or might choose to train as an apprentice.

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