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We provide students with the ideas and methods of justice services and an introduction to the regulatory framework, which means developing execution plans and sharing them with others. We will guide you through the practical experience and skills necessary for conducting strategic analyses and putting plans into action for improved management.

We will know the many methods used in the development of these plans, as well as the various kinds of reporting and analysis. The modules are given in the course to help you grasp the fundamental principles of project management, how it really is implemented and operated, and the laws and rules that govern its operation.

Course Description

Designing and evaluating systems, management of risks associated with the design, areas of evaluation of the potency as well as protection aspects of judiciary systems, provision of protection and technical advice, and installation of systems to protect against criminal activity are all covered in this course, along with other related subjects. The certification also covers the validation, design, assessment, and management of risks and the provision of technical help on a project basis.

It entails creating honest and moral applications of social sciences, standards, or codes of practice, design methods, and economic ability in the judicial branch of government. The foundational topics covered by the qualification satisfy the requirements for associate membership in the judiciary, which is a requirement of justice. There are no such licensing, regulation, or certification requirements for the specific qualification in the case at hand.

  • Explore both the community and institutional sectors of the criminal justice system.
  • Work for the reintegration of individuals who have come into confrontation with the law.
  • Help clients confront and productively handle issues so that they may alter their behavior.
  • Learn public safety skills and keep employees and clients safe in institutional, domestic, community correctional, and group home care settings.
  • Study the legal elements of crime & behavior and security measures and methods, such as interviews and intervention strategies for juvenile offenders, adult offenders, and victims.
  • Investigate problems with female or Indigenous offenders in the justice system and addiction, social dynamics, behavior control, and victims' rights.
  • Take a look at community programs, restorative justice efforts, and other preventive measures that are available.
  • Receive specialized training in the administration of correctional systems, physical environmental safety measures, rehabilitation methods, and tactical communication techniques.

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What will be the future career in Certificate II in Justice Services?

Certificate II in Justice Services gives you many career opportunities. Graduates may pursue a broad range of professions in criminal justice, with a particular emphasis on intervention and reintegration, as well as other fields. Upon graduation, graduates may consider positions in provincial and federal correctional facilities, community residential care, open as well as secure conservatorship facilities for the young generation, early intervention as well as rehabilitation programs, school environments, as well as social justice and advocacy organizations that provide services and programs to offenders, those at risk, and crime victims and witnesses.

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What are the outcomes of learning in this course?

  • Professional ethics and practice should be followed while communicating, as should respect oneself and others and comply with all applicable laws, rules, and legislation.
  • Make use of all applicable dynamic and static safety and security methods to guarantee the protection, employees and customers in institutional, home, and community contexts (including schools).
  • By applicable laws and organizational policies and procedures, gather information, observe, monitor, document, and evaluate client behavior precisely.
  • Support the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict and emergencies using intervention methods specified by applicable legal requirements, industry certification, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • To create a productive, professional, and safe working environment, it is necessary to develop and maintain good working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and community justice stakeholders.
  • Participate in program design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to fulfill the requirements of clients, staff, the community, and administration in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Apply knowledge of history, ethics, and various forms of corrective action, such as incarceration, rehabilitation, and reintegration, to judgment and institutional procedures in the correctional setting.
  • Construct and execute self-care methods that are based on self-awareness, self-inquiry, and reflective practice
  • Work in a way that is compatible with professional ethics, showing respect for oneself, colleagues, and all applicable laws, rules, and processes in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Identifying and responding to the abilities and needs of the customers, including complicated reactions affected by mental health and addictions issues, as well as other social variables, to encourage and promote good change
  • Ensure that inclusive methods are used throughout community or justice services to improve awareness within the society and better address the needs of different communities

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