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In engineering, biological tech is a branch of study that is involved with the relationship between science and chemistry, and it refers to the use of biological principles in technical applications. Biosciences and biotechnologies are the primary topics of discussion. A more succinct way to describe it is that the basis for biotechnology is created when basic biological sciences and traditional engineering ideas come together and become linked. On the other hand, Biochemical is a component of Bioengineering that is integrated and focuses just on integration between biology with chemistry and biochemistry in the development of strategic biotechnologies.

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Biotechnology vs Biochemistry

As a result of population growth and resource depletion, the threat of hunger and climate change looms large over our heads, threatening to overwhelm us. The need for new biotechnological and biochemical innovations is greater than ever, yet the supply of such inventions is limited. Several heated debates have taken place, and a significant amount of money has been spent on biotechnology and biochemical-related companies. It is already suggesting that there will be a significant shortage of human resources in such areas in the nearest term.

How biochemical and biotechnology are different?

Biochemistry is a field of science that studies the chemical & physio-chemical activities and materials which occur inside live organisms, as well as the interactions between them. Biotechnology is the use of biochemical functions for economic, physical, technical, and other reasons. It is particularly concerned with the genetic modification of microbes for the manufacture of antibiotics, hormones, and other substances.

As a consequence of its high demand as well as its fascinating course area, it has influenced a large number of students to major in biotechnology or biotechnology-related fields throughout their undergraduate studies. Choosing a major, on the other hand, is not a simple task. Furthermore, it becomes much more challenging when both choices have significant similarities while still being very distinct at the same time. This post is for you if you are one of the many people who are unsure whether you should major in biotechnology or biochemistry at the moment.

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Major Differences between Biochemistry and Biotechnology

It is explained in this article what the distinctions are somewhere between biotechnology as well as biochemistry in respect of topic content, additional studies, and professional opportunities.

1. Applied Science Vs Pure Science

Biological chemistry is considered a purely scientific subject, while biotechnology is considered to be an applied science discipline. Biochemistry is among the topics that you will be studying as part of your biotechnology degree. It's obvious that it won't be as in-depth as before. Biological chemistry is concerned with the activities and pathways that take place inside a live cell, while biological technology is concerned with the methods used to investigate those processes and the application of those activities.

2. Further Options for More Studies

Biotechnology is a broad subject that encompasses a wide range of topics such as biochemistry, immunotherapy, genomics, genetic modification, microbiology, proteome, and other related fields of study. There are many options for you to choose from as you go through your education. Biochemistry, on the other hand, restricts your research to the chemistry of living creatures. As a result, you will also have fewer subjects from which to select for your advanced studies.

3. Major Options

In order for an undergraduate with such a degree in biotech to pursue his or her master's degree, he or she must choose from a variety of topics such as informatics, immunotherapy, biomedical sciences, genomics, chemistry, microbiology, public health, and other related fields. A biochemistry major, on the other hand, will have a restricted number of electives to select from, such as clinical biochemistry, toxicity, chemistry, and so on and so forth.

4. Research Subjects

Biological chemists do study and analysis on the natural activities that take place within a live cell, such as respiration, sunlight, death, etc., while biochemists conduct research and development of goods such as proteins that are utilized in manufacturing. Modern biotechnology also includes the development of genetically engineered species, such as golden rice and medicines, among other things.

5. Research or Entrepreneurship

Biochemistry is primarily concerned with research and service, whereas biotechnology is concerned with research and entrepreneurship. Creating an industry that is knowledgeable about biotechnology is not even an insurmountable challenge. Biotechnology enables us to address any little issue and fix it with biotechnological advances since we have a broad understanding of a variety of areas. If a plant tissue culture facility produces seeds and cotyledons of crops, it may sell them to farmers, the food and beverage industry, diagnostic laboratories, and other businesses. Biochemistry is a hypothesis topic. Thus getting employment at research and diagnostic centres is very straightforward. Nonetheless, establishing an industry will take a significant amount of time and work.

6. Easy Availability of Jobs

Biochemists may readily find employment in a variety of settings, including medical diagnostic centres, disease research centres, research laboratories, forensics labs, analytical technique labs, and other similar settings. A biotechnologist may also be hired by a variety of businesses, including food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics laboratories (for illness research and diagnosis), research labs (depending on the research subject), and other organizations.

However, in every sector, a person having a degree in comparable disciplines (for example, food-tech in the foodservice industry, chemical in analytical chemistry laboratories) would be favoured over a new biology major with no prior experience or training. In certain instances, a biotechnologist may be required to master particular areas throughout their masters or doctoral studies in order to be considered for such positions.

7. Salary Package

Currently, a biochemist earns an average yearly income of $60,000 in the United States, whereas a biotechnologist earns an average salary of over $70,000 in the country. In all instances, the pay is determined by abilities such as cell genetics, analysis of the research, informatics, and other related areas of expertise. In addition, as the need for the skill-set grows, the pay will grow in tandem with the rise in demand.

8. Studying Chemistry Preferences

Those students who do not really like chemistry might find biochemistry to be a difficult major to pursue since it involves a great deal of chemistry in the form of reactions, processes, and routes. They may pursue a career in biotechnology since it does not need as much precise biochemistry as other fields.

Biotechnology, on the other hand, will require expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including mathematics, physics, physiology, computer engineering, and interpersonal communication abilities, among others. As a result, in order to achieve success in biotechnology, you must be imaginative enough to learn ideas from many disciplines and adapt them to your own situation.


If you are unsure about your field of interest throughout your undergraduate education, you may want to consider studying biotechnology as a backup plan. However, if you are interested in chemistry, you may major in biochemistry and gain a variety of abilities along the way. Further schooling up to and including Post-Graduation is required in both instances, and a PhD is ideal for career or research reasons in either scenario.

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