Are You Looking For The Advanced Diploma Of Banking Services Management?

Course Code - FNS60620 (Diploma Of Banking Services Management)

Are you searching for a manager's position at the bank? Looking for FNS60620 Advanced Diploma of Banking Services Management. This nationally recognized certification will educate you on how to handle a local bank branch's people, activities, and performances. The course includes customer support administration, leadership, innovativeness, establishing connections with corporate clients, standards of practice of the financial services sector, advertising the bank units, banking compliance, budgets, and strategic planning. Enquire today for the complete list of accessible study units, entrance criteria, and forthcoming enrollment dates.

Overview of the Course

This certification is intended to represent senior executive and service and support job positions with team & business outcome responsibilities in customer contact hubs or retail banking services settings of banks or other reserve-taking institutions. Individuals at this level are required to use specialized skills and knowledge in various locations to resolve complicated problems and challenges. They perform a variety of technical or managerial tasks, are accountable for both individual and team results.

What Is The Structure Of The Course?

The FNS60615 - Advanced Diploma in Banking Services Management requires students to complete eight (8) core courses and six (6) optional units. Academics have selected electives for this certification to allow that students acquire a diverse set of skills and information in Banking Services Management.

This course will emphasize the following:

  • Understanding of the industry's structure, major participants, and borrowing process
  • Sensitization to loan products and funding sources for lending
  • Possessing a working knowledge of pertinent business regulations
  • The consciousness of the most significant ethical standards applicable to the financial services industry
  • A competitive advantage for those seeking to enter the lending business
  • Employed in the banking services sector
  • Increasing understanding of financial goods and customizing solutions to suit the requirements of customers
  • Communicating with customers to ensure that they get a professional level of service.

What Are The Entry Requirements?

Advanced Diploma Of Service Management has the following entry requirements:

  • Students must be minimum of 18 years old.
  • Possess an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher (test results must be no more than two years old).
  • Have achieved at least Australian Year 12 or an equivalent qualification.
  • International students may be exempt from providing proof of English language proficiency if they can show verifiable evidence of any of the following:
  • The student spent five years of his education in an English-speaking nation.
  • The student has successfully finished at least six months of a certification iv level program in an Australian registered training organization.
  • The kid has passed an English placement exam.
  • The student has finished an Australian foundation course.
  • The kid has finished high school in the English language with honors.
  • Additionally, students must participate in a course entrance interview to determine their eligibility for the course.

What Is The Duration Of The Course?

This certification will be given over 78 weeks, with 60 weeks of training and evaluation split over six ten-week terms and 18 weeks of vacation.

Class sessions are structured to ensure that students balance theoretical and practical instruction and accommodate various learning styles. Additionally, workplace procedures and settings are mimicked and utilized to perform unit-specific skills tests. The Letter of Offer will specify the start date for this course.

Qualification Description

This certification is intended to represent various work positions with teamwork and business result responsibilities in the customer contact Centres of banks or other deposit-taking institutions and retail and commercial banking services settings. Individuals in these positions exercise autonomy in executing technical operations, implementing solutions to various often tricky issues, and researching, analyzing, and evaluating data from several sources. They take the initiative in planning, coordinating, and evaluating their work, and guiding others.

Core Units

BSBCUS501 Manage a high-quality customer service department

BSBMGT502 Supervise the performance of others

BSBMGT605 Assume leadership roles across the company

BSBMGT608 Manage continual improvement and innovation

BSBSMB409 Develop and maintain connections with stakeholders in small businesses

FNSINC401 Apply professional standards of conduct to employment in the banking services sector

FNSSAM601 Monitor the performance of financial goods and services sales.

FNSSAM602 Analyze and identify marketing possibilities in the bank services sector

And 17 other elective core units.

Who Is It Intended For?

This course is intended for those who work in the banking services sector. Several possible job descriptions include the following:


  • In branch environments, the team leader or manager responsibilities
  • Marketing and sales
  • Banking for small businesses
  • Lending for commercial and legal purposes
  • Management of customer service contact Centres.

What Are The Technology Required?

  • To complete this certification, you will need an internet connection to access ISM's eLearning Portal's study materials and tests.
  • All materials are available online via the ISM e-learning site.
  • Our method is most effective when used with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11.
  • Specific exams may need you to record your responses using a gadget (such as a smartphone) and submit them via our eLearning portal.
  • You may contact us here to learn more about exams and completion criteria.


Diploma In Banking Services: What Is It About?

The Diploma in banking services is an in-depth study of the banking industry, focusing on the constantly changing finance sector.

This course offers a broad overview of the continuous changes in finance, strategies for resolving financial crises, and the rationale for bailouts of different institutions worldwide.

This curriculum seeks to enhance students' abilities by expanding their understanding of banking and honing the skills necessary for practice.

Among the employment possibilities available to diploma holders upon completion of this degree are Banking Officer, Assistant, Financial Consultant, Financial Analyst, and Data Entry Operator.

Why Study Advanced Diploma Of Banking Services Management?

  • According to data, the country's banking and financial industry is increasing, necessitating competent individuals to work in this area, both in government and private sector businesses and organizations.
  • Students are educated in the fundamentals of banking services and develop the necessary competence to work in the industry.
  • Candidates acquire the sophisticated mathematical methods necessary for fieldwork, which is required for advancement in corporate finance, investment banking, and financial markets.
  • Students acquire knowledge of both domestic & global banking to get a better understanding of how markets operate within an ecosystem and across a country's financial credibility.
  • The presentations and research projects assist students in developing the interpersonal, cognitive, and critical thinking abilities necessary for success in this profession.
  • After completing this course, applicants will have acquired the essential skills and information about economic markets and the global financial system, enabling them to get a respectable position in finance.

Jobs Career Options After Diploma Of Banking Services

Graduates of this program have the opportunity to work in reputable banking and investing industries at entry-level jobs in both the public and private sectors.

They get training in many facets of banking and finance, which qualifies them for positions in stock markets, financial companies, and much more.

Students acquire investment and banking management abilities and an understanding of corporate finance, investments, and securities, leading to higher-paying employment for new graduates and established professionals.

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Scope Of Advanced Diploma Of Banking Services Management

The job opportunities in the Banking & Finance industry are much more significant for professionals with some experience in the area. Therefore, if you are not interested in pursuing a Bachelor's or Postgraduate degree, you should enroll in this one-year Diploma program to get a fundamental understanding of the subject.

Numerous topics such as retail banking, banking planning, asset management, and others are included in their curriculum, making the certificate bearer qualified for introductory or entry-level positions.

However, most diploma holders choose to pursue further education due to the high level of competition, and the certification helps a great deal when applying for better-paying employment.

After completing the Diploma of Banking service management, you may enroll in one of the following commerce degree programs:

  • B.Com

B.Com or Bachelor of Business is a bachelor's degree program designed for individuals with prior experience in commerce. After finishing a diploma degree in a specialty such as Computer Applications, Accounting, Taxation or Finance, you may follow this specialized course.

  • Courses for advanced certification

There are many six-month certificates available, including those in digital banking and asset management. These activities will help you develop knowledge in a specific field and may help you obtain a higher-paying career.

If you follow this course after graduation, you may enroll in master's degree programs such as MBA or even, which can assist you in establishing job stability and enhancing your professional experience and excellence.

Arrangements Of Assessment

The assessment techniques used for this certification will allow people to show that they have fulfilled the necessary objectives in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Observation
  • Project
  • Portfolio
  • Problem-solving scenarios
  • Questioning
  • Knowledge Test

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Questions Asked By Students

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Q. How can I get a banking and finance diploma?

Students taking an interest in studying this subject may apply for admission after passing an entrance test or a personal interview round and sending an application form with their information and background, either physical or online mode.

Q. Which topics are included in the Diploma in banking service management?

Several typical topics covered throughout this one-year study include the following:

  • A Brief Overview of Banking
  • Banking Principles
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Banking on Capital
  • Banking on the Retail
  • Taxation, and so on.

Q. Is it possible to get a Diploma in Banking services management through correspondence?

Yes, you may take this course in several methods, including in a traditional classroom setting, online, or through correspondence.

Q. Is it unethical or fraudulent to utilize your services?

Rather than that, our efforts will assist you in fostering your academic growth. However, you must be prudent enough to utilize our services for journal and book publishing. Utilizing our services is entirely legal, so you can rest sure that you will get an academic-quality paper.

Q. How long does the assignment take to complete?

It is determined by the degree of difficulty of the task. It may last from a few hours to many weeks. Regardless, you may set a deadline. We recommend that you submit your purchase as soon as possible to ensure that adequate time is spent on your project.

Q. Why should I select your firm above others?

We are a group of dependable, committed, experienced, and experienced assignment writers who excel in assignment writing. They are aware of all the necessary abilities and knowledge for writing an excellent project. Our specialists guarantee that students get the highest possible grade. Not only are we committed to completing your projects on time and assisting you in establishing an outstanding reputation with your instructors and peers, and we also want you to study and grasp the fundamentals of different topics to develop expertise in that field. Our services are reasonably priced, and you will get the most value for your money.

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