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Subjects in which you can get online psychology help

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is a study of why people do abnormal activities. Online psychology help is focused on the discipline's evolution, trends and innovations. Students taking an atypical course in Abnormal psychology may study mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or unusual features of mental disease, such as signs of a range of conditions that might impact the criminal mind. The study of abnormal psychology may also include knowledge about numerous intriguing human personality problems and vulnerabilities.

Child and Adolescent Psychology 

According to Northwestern University, between 13 and 20% of youngsters in the United States suffer from mental illness. As a student of child and adolescent psychology, you study how to work with emotional and mental disorders in children and adolescents. The US Department of Psychology is looking for graduate students to enter or develop their careers in children's mental health.

  • Clinical psychology
  • Counselling
  • Educational Psychology
  • Freud and the Behaviourists
  • Life Advice
  • Psychometrics
  • Research Design

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What is the Meaning of Psychology?

Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind. The study of this tells about the conscious and unconscious state of mind. It also tells about the thoughts and feelings of a person. Psychologists also study the properties of the brain and the phenomenon of neuroscience. Psychologists are the scientists who understand the mental state and helps to improve the mental health of a person or a group of people. Psychology mainly refers to the human brain and other life perspectives such as social behavior, health, human development, and sports.

Psychology is a type of new science which is studying for almost two centuries. People used to discuss this science practically long years back. Now it comes on paper, and there is a proper study of psychology.

How Psychology Changed?

In modern psychology, there is the proper study of the human brain. In which we learn about memory, thinking, nature, determination, and attraction. The human mind works basically on four main characteristics memory, speed, creativity, and focus. Now we will discuss all these properties of mind in detail.

  • Memory:-It is the essential aspect of the human brain. Without memory, it is very difficult for a human to live. We hear about the memory loss concept many times, which seems fearful because almost everything gets lost once the person's memory gets lost. Memory is a part of the brain which works even when we sleep. The dreams we see when we are sleeping are the memories that we have in our subconscious minds.
  • Speed:-Speed of the mind is the time in which the mind responds to something. The time taken by the brain is the speed of the mind it used to do the calculation and the reactions. Speed of the mind should be high, which also tells your memorizing power. If your memory is strong, that does not mean that you can memorize faster. Memorizing fast is a different thing and memorize for a long time is a different thing.
  • Creativity:-Every mind should be creative in its way. The creativity of the mind can only be increase by experiences. Creativity is the final stage of experimenting. Everybody thinks they are more creative, but if we see creative people use their experience. Creativity also means innovation. Creativity is not just doing the same thing repeatedly but doing a new thing every time. Creativity can't come by just seeing the other's creativity.
  • Focus:- The brain should have a focus on the work which you are doing. That means the concentration power of the brain should be strong. Nowadays, we can see everyone is physically present at the place, but no one is present mentally. This is what we call a lack of focus. The focus should be fully centralized. Without having a focus in mind, you can't achieve any goal. To achieve a goal in life, you should have to focus on it. Without focusing on the goal, you cannot achieve it and complete it.

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How was Psychology Invented?

In the initial stage of psychology, there were two main theoretical approaches to the brain's working. One is the brain works function-wise, and the second is the brain works structure-wise. From a structure-wise perspective, the process is breaking the mental functioning into small parts. Psychology is a part of philosophy in the initial stage. An American scientist makes psychology a different subject. He analyzes the brain functioning that a brain works in a very another way which is structured. It has proper control and measure. A person can control their brain fully. A right brain of command can work with total efficiency. On the other hand, in a structure-wise brain, we study the brain's working in a certain way.

How does the brain perform while doing a particular task?

This method is used to introspect the brain's working and train the brain in a certain way. However, introspection is not a suitable method because there are different-different experiences of every individual. The method of introspection failed, and then modern psychology started in 1879, which is entirely experimental. Then the perspective of developed psychology changes towards function-wise psychology and blurs the focus of structure-wise psychology

A psychologist fights for the fact that the mind changes constantly. Then there is no meaning in using the study of structure-wise psychology. The primary purpose of studying psychology is to check the functioning of the brain. To find the purpose of the brain, we need to study psychology which should be the type of function-wise psychology. So, psychology's primary goal is to find the cause of the behavior and the contribution of mental processes.

Approaches of Psychology

Many inconvenient methods replace the types of psychology. Each technique is made by assuming many kinds of possible outcomes. The study goes forward to what is liked by people and why and how to study it. The study also is related to converting unconscious thoughts and motivation into conscious ones. The primary approach in psychology is to acquire the strategic perspective of behavior by scientists.

Psychology Goals

Four main goals in psychology are used in description, prediction, explanation, and changes. Now we will discuss these four components to describe psychology in more detail:-

  1. Description – The first target of psychology is the description of behavior. From this, we can start the development of human behavior by changing the general laws. We can take the example of dogs. Dogs can't speak but understand everything they feel. This is because of the behavior of dogs.
  2. Explanation – After the psychologists describe the laws of behavior, they have to explain this process. Psychologists have to implement theories to explain the behavior system.
  3. Prediction – The main aim of psychology is to predict future behavior by taking the help of present research. If a person is not sure about the prediction, then they should have to recheck the explanation. For example, if there is a slight fear of anything in the person's behavior, it could be the phobia of the person, which would be dangerous.
  4. Changing – After the description, predictions, and explanations, controlling and changing can be done quickly. For example, classical conditions are used to treat those going through anxiety and the problem of phobia.

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