Our main concern is your privacy. Here are the norms of conduct we follow in accordance with privacy policy, given our ethical duties:

  • All the information collected is maintained inside the Company rigorously and subject to confidentiality issues (e-mail ID, contact data, etc).
  • No third-party information shall be shared with you or the expert (writer or instructor) until you engage in partnership or cooperation.
  • The customer supplied assignment solutions shall remain with us for a 3-month period and shall not be shared within that time period with any other customer or platform.
    • Payment details (Informations about credit cards, number, etc.) are kept secret with our Payment Partners while making a transaction with us. Our payment partners have worked with us to ensure that they can manage credit card data for a student alone (and not our organisation). No payment-related information is available to us.
    • We must communicate the communications data with our payment partners to resolve the problem in the event of any conflicts/claims concerning the order. It does not infringe on your privacy, because it is a legal process that must be taken into account in the event of any conflict over the offered service.
    • We retain the right to share any personal information you provide, if requested by law, to defend our rights and/or comply with any court proceedings or legal proceedings served on our website.
    • AssignoTech maintains the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any moment, so that frequent updates to this site are advisable. Any changes made to these policies will be posted here and you will consent to such modifications on your ongoing use of the site, services and/or apps.

What Do We Collect From Our Clients

Information we collect includes

Personal Identifiable entities like-

  • IP address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location

Non-personal identifiable-

  • Pages you visited before you were redirected to us.
  • Time spent on the webpage
  • Page views on website
  • Date you visited
  • Frequency of visit.
  • Message history


Why do we collect Personal Data?

For these reasons, we are obliged to gather your personal data:

  • In order to give you access to our Website during the delivery of services to us;
  • To communicate directly with us while rendering of services. Experts may need your needs to be clarified;.
  • In order to keep you informed, whether you are an existing user of our Website, about updates or changes to the Website or the Services, we are ready to order from you within reasonable time following;
  • To supply marketing information to you about our products and services;

Confidentiality Policy

  • It is totally prohibited to share your personal information with specialists (tutors & authors) and vice versa: This contains your complete name, contact details, email and university address. This ensures customer and expert privacy (writer or tutor). The failure to comply with this term will lead to your needs being cancelled and no reimbursement will take place.
  • You may not discuss any kind of payment-related inquiry or clarification with an expert (writer or tutor). The expert ought to adopt the same policy. Non-compliance would be seen as an infringement of information and would lead, on both sides, to a legal lawsuit.
  • For any clarification, only our customer management staff can contact you to the expert concerned. But we do not encourage the client and the expert (writer or tutor) to share any contact data.
  • You are not entitled to provide the expert (tutor) with any payment details even if requested. In the past, there were several examples of fraud against multiple clients.
  • Only the payment link generated by our sales staff is to be paid on the web page.
  • If the expert needs a prompt response, you may contact our 24*7 customer relations team immediately and provide you with the greatest support. employs highly secure payment gates and is serious about Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy. You agree to comply with all terms of this Privacy & Privacy Policy if you place an order with AssignoTech.



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