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Regarding The Use of Our Services

  • As soon as we receive your money, the contract will be effective.
  • All products are just supplied as examples of study, a learning reference or a sample on how academic writing should be performed.
  • You may be responsible for civil or criminal consequences without authorisation for the use of the materials posted on our website or for the assignment we have given.

Our Delivery Policy

  • At your registered email ID, the completed work will be sent to you without further charge. Return to this page. You are not required, for the purposes of personal use, to duplicate, amend, distribute, or display the service in any manner via the World Wide Web or on hard copy. Within 7 days of making your order, you can lodge a complaint with us if your expectations are not fulfilled.
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  • The Company shall not be held liable for the Customer's inaccurate e-mail address.
  • After the whole agreed amount has been received, the task is considered complete and no reimbursement shall be provided.
  • The customer shall be personally responsible for ensuring that delivery channels are available once the company provides the customer with the service.
  • For any form of support with the order delivery, the customer is advised to contact Support.

Our Plagiarism Policy

  • Reports will be sent to you within 12 hours after the use of the service on your registered email address.
  • Twice at the same fee, all submitted work may be re-examined.
  • It is subject to additional fee if you check the same job for the third time.
  • We retain the right to cancel any agreement or relationship with any customer who tries to provide an authentic copy of the plagiarised paper.
  • For study and reference purposes only, any written content we supply is to be used.
  • The terms and conditions also apply to the contents of this website.


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Limitations of Use

  • You must be at least ten years of age in order to benefit from our services. If not, you will be asked to use our services with the approval of your parents or legal guardians.
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Other Terms of Use

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  • We may terminate the contract we have with you partially or entirely at any moment.
  • You agree to be informed through email and SMS of our recent offers and other updates to the services by subscribing to our Services.

Our Warranties

You fully accept the points mentioned above and the following when you place your assignment order with AssignoTech:

  • You must appropriately quote any information you get from our given copy.
  • You should only use the supplied copy as research samples or references, unless we have otherwise stated them.
  • If you do not get explicit authorization from us to distribute the copy and to destroy this copy for commercial purposes exclusively, you promise not to provide it.

Amendments To Our Terms Of Services

  • AssignoTech retains the right without notice to alter or alter its terms of use.
  • You are encouraged to examine our terms of use sometimes to be properly aware of our policy updates.
  • Any changes to our terms of use or to the privacy policy, as well as to the revision and refund policies will instantly appear on our website.

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