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Why should you do an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management?


Acquire a set of knowledge and skills that will assist you in achieving success in leadership positions across a variety of industry sectors. Develop critical thinking skills and techniques, as well as complex problem solving & strategic planning skills, to assist in leading organizations to accomplish key objectives. You will learn how to implement successful change management techniques as well as how to create settings that encourage creativity and continual development.

Develop your capacity to influence and motivate teams, as well as your ability to assist employees in developing their skills. Develop a long research plan to accomplish your learning and professional objectives by combining your program with progressive credentials and acquiring progressive qualifications.

Leadership and Management


Leadership is the process of guiding people by inspiring and encouraging them to achieve their best in whatever they are doing, while management is the process of overseeing the items and activities that take place inside a company. Leadership involves the ability to influence others, while management is concerned with the quality of the job to be completed effectively and has a short-term perspective. In order to be a good leader, all members of a company's employees must work and act with integrity, as well as establish excellent and strong moral principles while showing a sincere commitment to the organization's mission.

  • Confidentiality: Individuals working and being a part of an organization should carefully adhere to the rules and regulations outlined in the policy, one of which says that the location must be kept and maintained in absolute confidence.
  • False or Misleading Information: It is prohibited to distribute or create any kind of false or misleading information that may cause confusion in the workplace.
  • Unlawful Conduct: If any kind of conduct occurs that constitutes a violation of the law, it must be reported and communicated to the appropriate higher-ups.
  • Professionalism in Many Aspects of Life: The establishment of a professional connection with employees and the provision of assistance with their issues when necessary

Organizational values are supported by two aspects of ethical leadership that are critical to the success of the company. These are as follows:

1. Integrity and Trustworthiness: It aids in the making of errors, the development of trust, and the facilitation of corrective action within the workplace.

2. Encouragement: There should be no clashing of egos and personal interests that may hinder the ability of other members of the workplace to develop with their job with the assistance and support of a leader.

We define moral conduct in order to determine what is right, and it may be difficult to determine what is right at times owing to the fact that various people come from different cultures and have different religious beliefs. A leader's moral beliefs and principles should be sound if he or she is to make decisions that consider the values of other people. Always respect a person, regardless of his or her status in the company, since this will help to maintain a positive working atmosphere and lead to the improvement of the organization. Always be encouraging and motivating to your employees, and address their errors in a constructive manner.

Overview of this Course

You will get relevant management and leadership skill set that will help you stand out in the crowd if you like taking the initiative, managing people, and getting things done. A management and leadership position provide you with the chance to make a significant impact. A set of critical and essential abilities is required, all of which will be taught to you by our team. This includes the following:

  • Leadership that is effective
  • Developing a strategic strategy
  • Concepts of emotional intelligence are put into practice.
  • Management of risks and continuous improvement

Our nationally known Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management will prepare you to take on a number of management and leadership positions in many sectors once you complete your studies. Are you interested in learning more? Those with five to ten years of business experience who want to advance their management abilities may choose the component Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management choice offered by the university. This option will see you complete the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management in 12 x six-hour sessions on Thursday afternoons, which will be held in our fast-track location.

Our experienced instructors, who have up-to-date market expertise, offer you caring support throughout our hands-on, practical course. An Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is available in universities. With the resources and services provided by a major educational provider, like the Library & Learning Centre, for our very personal Employment Centre, our students may be certain that their educational experience will be a successful one. When it comes to course delivery, we use a mix of on-campus & remote (online) instruction. Our students are able to continue their studies in a secure, supervised, and supported environment because of this flexibility.

What is the benefit of doing Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management?

If you are responsible for important company goals, either as a person or as a team leader, the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management seems to be the certification for you. It has been created for professionals who are expected to use specialized management and leadership knowledge and abilities in a variety of situations, and it allows them to successfully utilize their professional expertise. Also included are exercises that will allow you to put your creative and intellectual abilities to work, articulate your thoughts, and react properly to difficult situations.

Who can Apply for this Diploma?

There are no pre-requisites for this course, which means anybody may enrol. However, it is suggested that you have acceptable numeracy and reading abilities in order to complete this course, or that you are of adult age and have appropriate job experience in order to complete the course successfully, or you may be eligible to apply if you really have successfully finished VCE or an authorized comparable course, as well as the successful fulfilment of the job tasks (eligibility for transfer), or if you are of adult age and have enough work experience to effectively complete the course.

Anyone above the age of eighteen who is out of full-time school for more than twelve months is considered to be of mature age. You may enrol within the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management part-time program if you have at least five to ten years of relevant industry experience. If your previous work experience is minimal, the Certificate IV and Diploma is the suggested entry-level qualification for you.

What will happen after doing this course?

A professional qualification in management, such as an Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management, is increasingly regarded as essential for a professional management job. Because there are so many managers searching for new opportunities right now, this certification will enable you to "stand out" from the competition. If you have prior management experience, you may utilize it to help you get this certification. Several companies are willing to train you in fresh tech knowledge if you really are transitioning into a new sector, provided you can demonstrate that you already possess the necessary important leadership qualities. You will possess a wide range of transferrable abilities that are highly sought after by companies.

Employers want to know that their management teams have the necessary expertise and abilities to be able to trust you with the responsibilities of your position within the company. The Management Qualifications you earn from GTI will provide you the opportunity to fast track your route to the third year of a BSc of Integrated Management or straight admission into the MBA program (skipping three years of university and saving $40k to $60,000).

Qualification Description

In this certification, people who use specialized knowledge and abilities, in conjunction with expertise in management and leadership, in a variety of business and industry settings are recognized as having fulfilled their job. In this degree of responsibility, individuals take the initiative and use sound judgment in order to plan and execute a variety of management and leadership tasks, and they are held accountable for their personal and team results within wide boundaries.

Their cognitive, as well as communication skills are put to use to identify, analysing, and summarise information from various sources and apply their learning to others, while their creative, as well as conceptual skills are put to use to express points of view or reply to complex problems, respectively.

What are the things you will get with this diploma?

In accordance with attendance standards for foreign students, students must attend twenty hours of classroom instruction each week in order to graduate. Aside from classwork and assignments, students will be expected to put in an extra 5 - 10 hours a week of personal study, which will include additional reading, exercises, and research as instructed by the trainer/assessor.


In addition to reading their learner guide and completing formative assessments, students may also complete summative test items that are not completed in class, such as projects or independent research into topics covered as part of their course. Students may also complete formative assessments, discuss their work with their instructor and/or other students, and discuss their work with other students

Arrangements for Assessment

Examining students will take place via a number of techniques, including projects that include role-playing scenarios, case studies, observing, and written response questions. Evaluation circumstances will include either a simulated working setting (for classroom-based observation activities) or specific instructions on how to perform the job when necessary.

The following are the assessment tasks:

  • Accurately represent real-world work tasks
  • Are needed to be completed in accordance with industry-standard timelines in respect to each job
  • Are evaluated in accordance with evaluation criteria that are related to the level of work anticipated by the industry
  • Are carried out in accordance with the industry safety regulations
  • Require students to collaborate with others in order to complete a task.
  • Students should be required to part of its plan conflicting job assignments.

The usage of standard workplace technology such as computer software is required.

Leadership in a Directive Manner

It is built on the hierarchical relationship between various organizational systems. Despite the fact that it is heavily focused on a person's job in order to maintain a regular workflow, it does not help to cultural cooperation. It is founded on the organization's cultural concept as defined by its members. When it comes to leadership, this type believes in drawing all of the employees together while respecting their beliefs and opinions, as well as providing honest feedback by giving everyone the chance to take on the role of a leader and express their own points of view. It fosters agreement among the group's members and helps to the development of an innovative culture.

When it comes to ensuring that legal requirements are fulfilled, leadership is critical. Protecting the safety and health of workers is an important element of risk management, which is controlled by the board of directors. It establishes obligations in an organization, and workers and other members may be held responsible as a result. Laws are enacted and regulated in order to guarantee that the organization operates effectively. Age discrimination, sex discrimination, sexual assault, religious intolerance, and other forms of anti-discrimination in the workplace are all examples of anti-discrimination.

Career Outcomes

Some of the possible career paths for graduates of this degree include positions such as Senior Executive Manager, Director Manager, or Senior Executive in Human Resources (Strategy). Previous grads of this program have gone on to hold positions ranging from administrative and clerical positions to professional and management positions in a variety of industries, including finance and industrial services, healthcare and welfare assistance, public administration and safety, and government and safety.

Description of the Course

In order to improve your leadership talents and skills, you should consider enrolling in the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management. This qualification will help you to further develop your existing abilities while also providing a better knowledge of current market trends and needs. As a result of this Management and Leadership certification, you will be able to confidently use the skills you have learned in your leadership position.

Lead the team and build an innovative atmosphere by enabling and motivating teams inside the work to contribute and engage in professional development, resulting in a good conclusion for all parties involved, including yourself. A concentrated grasp of planning and launching business concepts and critical thinking techniques is achieved via the study of topics given by highly informed and educated industry trainers who are eager and ready to share their skills and expertise with others.

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