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The Visio assignment needs an understanding of the topic and the Visio software. The Visio software consists of the grapes, and sometimes it becomes complicated for the students. The students need a lot of time to make the assignment because the assignment needs research and select the suitable shape for the figure. Assignotech has the experts of the Visio software. MS Visio Assignment Help is very needed for the high grade. They have been working in this field for years. They have a record of achieving high marks for the students.

What Is Visio?

Microsoft Visio is a diagram design program. This includes charts and graphs, network diagrams, site plans, architectural drawings, data flow, flowchart, business process modelling, 3D maps, etc. This is a product offered to MS Office as an addon. The newest version of Visio 2016 is available in three versions: Visio Basic, Office 365 and Visio Professional.

All versions share functions including text and color options, including MS Office Word or Excel, allowing direct feeds from MS Word or Excel. The diagram tools, of Visio offers a collection of templates & forms to assist you in getting started. Note: the relationship between Microsoft Visio and Visio Inc. is not that of TVs and other consumer goods. Assignotech helps the students in the MS Visio Homework Help.

Types of Visio File

Now you will learn about various Visio file types in this Microsoft Visio lesson. Important file formats with Visio software are provided below:

  • VSD (Visio Drawing): The Visio binary data file is linked with this file extension. It is used to store flowcharts and document diagram files.
  • Visio Stencil: This Microsoft Visio file extension. The file includes intelligent forms (stencils). The document is in the Visio binary format.
  • VST (Visio Template): Microsoft Visio templates are linked with the VST file suffix.
  • VDW Visio Web Drawing: Microsoft Office Visio is linked to the VDW extension. It includes a web drawing made in Office Software Visio.

Procedure of Visio Started

At 1990s, Visio was created and called Shapewear technology, initially as a pre-release software release .92 and later in 1992 as a 1.0 version. The software rapidly became known, and Visio Corp was renamed in 1995. Microsoft purchased Visio in 2000 and integrated it into the MS office series. Therefore, Visio and MS project have always been kept separately from the MS File Browser products as an independent purchase.

Important Visio Components

Now, let's learn about the necessary elements of Microsoft Visio in this Visio for starters course. The key aspects of the Visio software are:

  • Stencils: Stencils include a collection of similar forms. For instance, a stencil in   a process template includes all the process object shapes.

Just on the left side of a sketching page, you will find stencils.

  • The Quick Access Toolbar: The Quick Reach Toolbar lets you add frequently used commands so that you may access them quickly as required.

ØThe Ribbon: The Ribbon is a sidebar with useful button groups and drop-down lists arranged by tabs. Do my Visio Homework for me, Assignotech does. This set of tabs that influence Visio's various functionality.

The Ribbon is intended to discover instructions to do a job. It involves page design, putting items on sites or linking data to forms.

  • The File Tab (Backstage View): The tab File offers a concentrated place called the Backstage Viewing. It enables you to do many file management activities such as create, close, share, save, print, convert to PDF and email.

The Backstage viewpoint is essential in Visio. It enables you to examine document characteristics, remove personal data and reduce the file size by deleting unnecessary elements.

  1. Back – Return to the drawing area.
  2. Info - Allows users to run personal data, limit rights and decrease file size. It also allows you to verify compatibility with previous Visio versions.
  3. New - Allows users to make an original artwork from or use a preformatted template from an empty drawing space.
  4. Open - Open drawing. Open drawing.
  5. Save – Save the drawing. Save drawing.
  6. Save As - It allows you to save an alternative filename and file type as a saved drawing.
  7. Print - Enables you to see the finished diagram and print it.
  8. Share- diagrams with others 
  9. Export- Export your PDF, XPS, etc., diagrams.
  10. Account- Allows your profile to be administered.
  11. Options – Allows users to prove and modify your language.


  • The Home Tab: This is a Visio default tab. It enables you to modify font size, color, text alignment, locate any text, shape color, copy, copy, paste form, and text. Assignotech has specialize of MS Visio Diagram Help.
  • The Insert Tab: You may enter images, diagram sections, links and text in the tab insert.
  • The Design Tab: The Design tab enables you to modify the backdrop, page layout, borders, color schemes, and fundamental structure of your drawings.
  • The Data Tab: Using the data tab, you may connect your database data to shapes and build data graphs and include horizontal and vertical legends.
  • The Process Tab: You may utilize Process Tab to export and import workflows and connect an established subprocess with a form in a bigger process.
  • The Review Tab: This page provides you with comments and orthography checks.
  • The View Tab: You may customize your perspective of the sketching screen. Different tools are provided to create rules, gridlines, guides, and page pause.

Visio also offers a magnified drawing area with a zoom button.

History of Microsoft Visio

  • Visio began as a Shareware Corp product in 1990 and published version 1.0 in 1992.
  • The business was renamed a Visio Corp in 1995.
  • Microsoft Corporation purchased it in the year 2000.
  • Version 10.0 (skipping versions 7.0 to 9.0) was published in 2002 to match the Office release numbers. Assignotech has skills of MS Visio Picture Help.
  • Visio 2007 was published by Microsoft on 30 November 2006.
  • Visio 2010 A Standard Professional, Premium Edition Visio 14.0 has been published
  • Visio 2016, Visio launched v 16.0 and 365 editions of Standard, Professional and Office.
  • Visio's current versions were professional and standard in 2019

How Visio is used?

Visio may be used to generate professional diagrams in a number of situations. Given the expense of Visio, a custom diagram may fit your goals or resort to the MS Word basic diagram capabilities. Or you might use free or cheaper but still strong software like, which works on Macs too. (More in this article towards the end.)

If necessary, Visio can create all kinds of smooth, helpful diagrams, providing the professional appearance you desire for demonstrations, analyses, inspections, documentation, building plans, floor layouts, building plans and the modelling of effective ways of doing things. Asignotech has a group of experts, who only handles the projects. MS Visio Project Help. Specialist diagrams like process flowcharts, business process modelling, data flowcharts and many more are shown in these symbols. These are extensively utilized in different areas for different reasons. Here are just a few examples:

In Any Area:

A flow chart may be used for documenting and analyzing a procedure; standardizing the process of quality and efficiency; communicating the training/understanding process to others in an organization; and identifying and improving bottlenecks, redundancies and needless stages in a circle.

Business Analysis and Software Engineering:

Flowchart may offer a targeted to technology innovations where more study is done early on to code. Business analysts utilize DFDs to evaluate and identify efficiencies in current systems. Process diagrams may detect stages that could be overlooked and not completely understand otherwise.

In Business:

The process management modelling & rating is aimed at participate and other users in the entity process to understand the stages easily and visually. It targets individuals who carry out the process at a more participatory level and provides sufficient information to ensure accurate execution.

File formats for Visio

As of 2013, Visio utilizes the Standard Packaging Conventions standard for VSDX and VSDM file formats. These are a collection of XML formats in a Zip file. MS Visio Assignment Help is very needed for the high grade.

Design & Create a Fundamental Visio Diagram

  • Evaluate what you are doing and gather the required drawing or graphic information. Decide which chart shows your needs best.
  • Select or download the design for your document in Visio.
  • Drag and link the forms to show the items. In the many diagrams, differing forms symbolize different things, ranging from basic rectangles, Oval and Arrow to thousands of highly sophisticated forms & symbols.
  • Add labels & text forms.
  • check your diagram to ensure that nothing is missing or anything is duplicated. If you work with others, verify the work of each other.

More Suggestions on Visio-Graphy

  • Just begin with a Visio design that best suits the kind of diagram you want to make. If indeed the exact design does not belong to the collection, select the template closest or paste it in any other forms, including your own, if necessary.
  • Use Visio stencils to draw in a collection of shapes, such as Simple Data flow Template
  • Upload files to a form by entering the Form Data window.
  • You may instantly easily import from MS Excel or Access in Visio Professional Edition.

An Alternative Free Visio: Lucid chart

Looking for a cheap and great Visio alternative? Check out Lucid chart. Check out Lucid chart.

Lucid chart provides the advantage of internet, internet collaboration in live time. You may also import, read and modify Visio documents from the Lucid chart, which works on Pc. Assignotech assists the MS Visio homework students Try the easy-to-use and powerful Lucid chart.

Lucid drawings & charts are easy and intuitive to create. Just drop and connect the shapes on the screen. See our Guide for help on creating a flow chart if you do not know where to start.

Lucid chart is your Visio one-stop solution for every diagraming need. Register for a free month now and test it!

Would you want to create your diagram? Try Lucid chart. Try Lucid chart. It's fast, simple and free.

Applications of Microsoft Visio

  • Diagrams of Business Process: This is one of Visio's most common uses. It allows you to show business operations.
  • Charts of Organization: Organizational charts are often utilized for your company in the diagram.
  • Diagram of Brainstorming: A brainstorming diagram may capture and create any collection of linked ideas or information such as new company plans, book outlines, trip notes, minutes of meetings etc. Do my Vision Homework for me, Assignotech does.
  • Plan for Building: You may also construct the most precise construction designs with Visio. This graphic also offers an overview of walls, doors, windows and furnishings.
  • Flowchart: A flow chart may be used to record and evaluate processes; standardize efficiency and quality processes. It also utilizes other areas of the company for training or knowledge.
  • Analysis: Visio provides a focus component of the professional flowchart (DFDs) for all tasks.
  • In-Company: You may quickly draw business process modelling and notation (BPMN). It focuses on participants as well as other parties in a company process.
  • In the Chemistry Industry: Visio enables you to create a process flow chart (PFD), a plot that illustrates the links between different components in an industrial facility.


Here Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Visio.

  • Advantage of Visio

  • VISIO provides diagramming ability to produce different software and architecture of business engineering rapidly.
  • Prepare models, maps and diagrams for BPMN. Create Diagrams, Capture Brain Storming, etc.
  • Visio Standard Online & Visio Professional are both programs that may be downloaded. These items may be used as long as they are suitable for your device. Assignotech has specialize of MS Visio Diagram Help.
  • The application enables you to collect information in a way that is useful to you and your company.
  • Support for the creation of diverse diagrammatic forms.
  • Visio Pro provides functions such as automated upgrades and numerous installations.

Disadvantages of Visio

  • The ribbon layout is not intuitive and conceals certain characteristics.
  • Microsoft Visio has no functionality, such as reverse engineering for a graph database.
  • In Visio, keyboard shortcuts, make links, cut / paste, etc., are tough to utilize.
  • The procedure of downloading and installation is not very fast.
  • MS Visio is a costly tool for drawing compared to the cheaper price of comparable products.


  • Visio's major file formats are Visio Drawing, Visio Stencil, and Visio Template.
  • Active Visio license is required to download Visio.
  • Stencils include a collection of similar forms.
  • The Quick Reach Toolbar enables you to add frequently used commands so that you really can access them quickly as necessary. Assignotech has skills of MS Visio Picture Help.
  • The ribbon is a screen that includes functioning button groups and tabs-ordered drop-down lists.
  • The tab File gives a concentrated place called the Backstage Viewing.
  • Home Register is a default Visio tab.
  • The input tab enables you to insert pictures, diagram pieces, links, and text.
  • Insert tab enables you to make backdrop modifications, page setup adjustments, borders, color schemes and basic layouts for your drawings.
  • Using the data tab, you may connect your database with shapes, build data graphs, and include a lateral and vertical legend.
  • You may use this tab to exports and imports workflow, and in a bigger process, connect an existent subprocess with a form.
  • You may make comments and verify the spelling under the tab Review.
  • View tab enables you to customize your screen view. Different tools for adding rules, gridlines, guides and page breaks are provided.
  • Microsoft Visio applications include Business Process Diagrams, Brainstorming Diagrams, Organization Charts and Building Plan.
  • VISIO provides the ability to draw different business engineering software and database architecture simply.
  • Prepare models, maps and diagrams for BPMN. Create Flow Charts, Capture, Brain Storming, etc.
  • The interaction with the ribbon is not intuitive and conceals some functions.
  • Microsoft Visio has no functionality, such as database models reverse engineering.

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